Anti-Ageing | Rose & Geranium
Aunt Flo | Red Velvet Cupcakes
A Love Spell |
Victoria Secret Love Spell Type DC
Big Foot Farts |
Sandalwood & Cedarwood DC
Birthday Cake | 100's & 1000's on a Cupcake
Bombshell |
Fig & Melon
#Boss | Lychee & Black Tea
Bunny Burps | Cherry Ripe DC
Bunny Farts | Carrot Cake DC
Cactass |  Cactus & Sea Salt LE
Crazy Cat Lady | Orange & Vanilla
Crazy Dog Lover
| Cedar Forest
Dragon's Breath |
Embers DC
Faerie Dust |
Rose & Geranium DC
Hoarder | Vanilla & Musk DC
Hump Day |
Coconut & Lime 
I Donut Know... | Jam Donut
Leprechaun B.O. | Gardenia DC
Mermaid Burps | Mango & Papaya
Mermaid Farts | Ocean
Midlife Crisis | Italian Leather LE
Milk & Cookies | Cookies & Cream
Monkey Burps | Banana Runts DC
Monkey Farts | Banana Lolly DC
Mummy's Secret Stash | Sugar Cookie DC
Nanna's House | French Pear DC
Naughty Mermaid | Sex On The Beach DC
OCD | Lemon & Myrtle
Oven | Brioche (Bread Roll)
Pregnancy Cravings | Caramel Vanilla
Princess Burps | Pink Sugar Bubblegum  DC
#Selfie | Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Smell's Like Friday | Pina Colada
Squirrel Farts | Salted Caramel DC
The Crazy Girlfriend | Fruit Loops
The Middle Child | Odour Eliminator LE
The Romance Candle | Strawberries & Cream
The Teenage Daughter Survivor | Mulled Wine
Unicorn Farts | Sweet Raspberry
Unicorn Puke | Buttercream 
You're So Vanilla | French Vanilla DC

DC = Discontinued  - limited stock
LE = Limited Edition - while stocks last

Our fragrances are phthalate free. They are also composed of natural, naturally-derived, and synthetic ingredients. All fragrance materials have been studied by RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) for safety, and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has set forth a code of practices for use of the materials. This ensures that fragrances are safe for consumers.