“Inspired by the love of spring, w h i m s i c a l co was created”

W H I M S I C A L  co is all about pure elegance and simplicity. Every soy candle is delicately hand poured right here in Adelaide, South Australia and sold at local markets, in shops around Australia and right here online.  The majority of everything sold through us is also designed and handmade locally and we are proud to say Whimsical Co is also 100% Australian owned.

W H I M S I C A L  co started off making and selling candles with the beloved classic range and then evolved into different themes including the famous novelty candles that are loved by so many today.

Why not buy the ever so magical UNICORN fart or the playful MONKEY fart soy candle? It's not as bad as you think, I dare you to try it. I'm sure after one sniff of the candle it will make you giggle and appreciate a delicious smelling fart you thought you would never smell.

There are so many options of soy candles to choose from that we are sure you will find one that will look beautiful in your home or office. You won't be able to resist lighting this candle, siting back and relaxing while enjoying the beautiful aroma. The flickering candle light and delicate scent will add a nostalgic ambience to any room. There is nothing more relaxing than that!

When  W H I M S I C A L  co  started we only wanted the purest and most beautiful candle product out there. We refused to use the cheaper waxes like paraffin wax because what we aimed for in a candle, paraffin wax would not give due to it being a by-product of making petroleum fuels, meaning toxic toxic toxic and what you need to remember is you are breathing those toxins into your body which is not healthy for you  in any way.

You will be surprised at how many big named candle companies out there use paraffin, or they mix soy with paraffin - it doesn't matter if you mix it, you are still adding in those toxins. We refuse to cheapen our products by doing that. We will always use 100% Soy Wax in the making of our candles.

Out of all the types of waxes out there we found Soy to be the best option. It's vegan friendly, no negative impact on the environment or 3rd world countries, it's made from soy beans and is a renewable product.

Soy wax candle benefits include:

Vegan Friendly . Eco Friendly . Biodegradable . Renewable . Sustainable . Carbon Neutral . Clean Burning . Soot Free . Longer Burn Time . Lower Burn . Cold Throw . Hot Throw . Water Soluble (Easier to clean) . Lead Free . Safe Around Children & The Elderly.

As you can see there are many reason to choose soy candles and many reasons why soy candles have become a very popular choice when purchasing a candle. The responsibility of looking after the environment will always lie with us and by making the simple choice of choosing soy wax candles over the toxic paraffin based candles is of course going to be a great benefit for yourself, for your family, for your friends and for the world. One little step can make a big impact if everyone followed suit.

It's not just the wax that makes these candles great. Our wicks are 100% cotton/paper and are lead free. What many may not know is, lead is illegal in Australia which have more than 0.06% lead. So we are proud to say we only use 100% cotton/paper wicks in our soy candles and will never ever use lead wicks so you can enjoy a toxic free candle when purchasing from W H I M S I C A L  co.