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Whimsical Co now has AFTER PAY. Yayyy!

Our range of products is slowly expanding so expect more in the near future :D

What do we sell?
We hand pour all our soy candles but these are not your average candles. Australia is over saturated with pop up candle makers so we decided to be different and unique by offerings only novelty soy candles that will light up your life in more than one way.

Novelty?  Yes... NOVELTY... We have the famous Unicorn Fart candle with glitter that has been a popular candle in Australia since 2014. You can also expect to find Mermaid Burps. Crazy Cat Lady, Pregnancy Cravings and so many more.

We also have a range specifically for the men (that doesn't mean you ladies can't buy them). These fragrances are more manly and masculine and oh so divine.

We also design and print our own greeting cards and wall prints.

We currently stock a few Australian handmade jewellery products and will soon be making our own soon with a "whimsical" touch... your going to love them!

Well that's it for the first blog.

I'm signing out for now.


Whimsy OUT!

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